Intern Week 2: Goodbyes and Good Music


At 5 p.m. on Memorial Day, I received a text message from a friend asking me how my weekend was. I told her things in Boise were just fine, but that I was exhausted from a long day at Boise Weekly. She responded in shock, asking me what kind of company makes its employees work on a national holiday?

Yes, I worked on a national holiday, but it was my own choice to do so. Monday is deadline day, meaning lots of frantic staffers pecking away on keyboards, making last minute contacts, scurrying around the newsroom and marking pages with red circles, scribbles and ominous X’s. So while many Boise residents were spending their Monday morning indulging on homemade waffles and French toast in their pajamas, the dedicated staff at BW was working to make sure Boise citizens would be able to read their favorite publication bright and early Wednesday morning.

The past two days have been a bit more frantic than usual for me, writing weekly Picks, continuing to engage in the endless wi-fi battle (which I happen to be losing), as well as working on a story I’m writing for Rec. Yesterday was also Nathaniel’s last day, and even though I have only known Nathaniel for two weeks, he’s definitely going to be someone I’m going to miss seeing around the office.

Today is my theoretical Friday, and then I’ll be making an eight-hour drive to Bozeman, Mont., to visit my sister tomorrow. The following day we’ll be embarking on three more hours of driving to Missoula, Mont., to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros perform.

After watching countless live performances on YouTube and listening to their debut album on constant repeat, my expectations are high. I can’t wait to see this tambourine jangling, floor banging band of musically gifted hippies grace the stage of the Wilma Theatre Friday evening.

If anyone is willing to make an eight-hour car ride by way of Salmon, there are still tickets available. If you didn’t catch them play at Sasquatch, it’s the closest they’ll be playing to Boise. I’m willing to argue a road trip, no matter how painful they may be, is definitely going to be worth it.