Several months ago, I made a promise to myself and my editorial staff. On Valentine's Day this year, I vowed to blog every day. I lasted until April 21 and I didn't even blog every one of those days.

It was only 17 entries in 67 days; that is only a 25 percent success rate. I know. Pathetic.

I expect my editorial staff to blog; blog every day, blog about everything in Boise Weekly, blog about everything they do. I know it is asking a lot. I feel like I let them all down.

Blogging is really hard work. When I started earlier this year, I tried to blog about topical things that I hoped readers would find interesting. I ended up feeling like was stepping on our writers' toes and talking about stuff that they might like to use for blog content.

I'm leaving all of that behind me, and this marks the beginning of my second attempt to blog every day for 365 days. I don't plan to have any specific purpose other than to meet my goal.

So begins my blogging exercise.