Glenn Danzig Told Me He Digs Boise



Punk/rock/metal legend Glenn Danzig—former Misfits and Samhain frontman—is bringing his current incarnation, Danzig, to Boise this month as part of a nine-city U.S. tour.

Deth Red Saboath (Evillive/The End Records)—Danzig's first album in six years—is set to hit streets on Tuesday, June 22. While he doesn't usually go out before an album release, and he doesn't usually do stints like this, he and his management agreed that a few dates around the new album's release would be a novel idea, especially since it's been a long time coming. Even though this fall's annual Blackest of the Black tour is going to be huge, Danzig said he felt five dates on the East Coast and four dates on the West was doable.

From Tuesday, June 15 through Sunday, June 27, Danzig will make stops in Norfolk, Va.; Charlotte, NC; New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Boise, Reno, Nev., Los Angeles and San Francisco. Yes, Boise is on that list. I asked Danzig why Boise is included on such an exclusive, short run of shows.

GD: We come to Boise all the time.

Me: I know.

GD: Well, that's why. That's where we have fans and people wanted the show. Reno is a really big market for us, too. It's also within driving distance from there (laughs).

Me: (Laughs harder.)

GD: We could've gone to Spokane (which he pronounces spo-KAIN). We had offers to go to Spokane, Seattle, Portland, but we didn't. We're doing Boise, Reno, San Francisco and L.A.

Look for more from Danzig in the upcoming issue of Boise Weekly.