Need Something to Do ... Tomorrow?


Yes, generally this column is intended to help ya'll find something to do on the day at hand. However, sometimes something worth writing up happens so early in the morning that we gotta switch things up a bit.

Case in point...

Even though things are beginning to turn around, it's still a rough economy out there. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Idaho unemployment rate is still at 9.1 percent, and the Boise area is sitting at 9.9 percent. That's nearly double the 5 percent that makes for a healthy economy and job market.

But there is work to be done. Especially heading into summer when the buzz of social activity helps drive the economic engine. Only question is where to find it.

Well, tomorrow, the answer is Sun Valley, where from 11 a.m.-3p.m. the mountain resort will host a job fair, to fill both summer and year-round positions. Hiring managers will be on-site to find employees for nearly every department: food and beverage, janitorial, the hotel, rec services and the mountain department, and refreshing snacks will be provided for all applicants.

More information can be found at, or by contacting the HR department at 208-622-2061 or

Good luck to ya'll. And just to pass on a piece of job-hunting advice that this reporter had to learn the hard way: it's probably not a good idea to list Elvis as one of your references.