Enroll in Cult Camp Tonight


Gather your R.L. Stine and Hot Loops, your ass is being shipped off to camp. And no we’re not talking the canoeing, "Kumbaya"-chanting camp of childhood—unless your summer camp involved cocktails and drug-fueled B-movies projected in a musty hotel bar.

Cult Camp is a new monthly community movie night at the Gamekeeper Lounge in the Owyhee Plaza Hotel that celebrates “the best and worst of Cult, B, Xploitation, Noir, off the wall or obscure and other alternative film genres.” A suggested donation of at least $5 snags you a proverbial bunk, with proceeds from the evening going to benefit a local nonprofit organization.

Tonight's film is Rubin and Ed, a 1991 flick starring Crispin Glover as the friendless, '70s-dressing slacker Rubin and Howard Hesseman as Ed, a pyramid-scheme salesman. The unlikely duo embark on a trek to the desert to bury a frozen cat. In an ironic twist, tonight's proceeds benefit Simply Cats.

While it's unlikely there will be a fire for s'more roasting at Cult Camp, we're pretty sure the Gamekeeper's bartenders can whip up a tasty s'mores martini.