Can't Wait for Nate


I have a (not-so) secret crush on Nate Berkus.

I suspect I'm not alone, but I'm also guessing he's not quite a common household name. So, let me try that again: I have a secret crush on the adorable gay broken-hearted heartbreaker who has just concluded eight years of guesting on Oprah as a home makeover expert.

I had the good fortune to witness his final appearance on the The Oprah Winfrey Show, where I was once again impressed by his charm, candor and, let's face it, mad skillz when it comes to turning a one-room shack into a spacious and gracious abode. I was further enamored after an interview with him in People Magazine.

The good news is that this crush of mine, unlike my other TV-star crushes (which include MacGyver and Sonny Crockett) will re-enter my life this fall with his own daytime TV show. The Nate Berkus Show might be an unoriginal name, but the man has gleaned his wisdom from Oprah, so I won't be critical. I'll miss him until September, but distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?