A Look Back at My First Week as a BW Intern


I walked out of the Boise Weekly offices earlier this week saying, “Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, everyone. Today’s Wednesday right?”

It was not Wednesday. It was Tuesday. And I’m actually kinda glad that it was because it meant more time at the Boise Weekly before my weekend started.

I have worked a variety of jobs, from libraries to offices, but I've never enjoyed working somewhere as much as I enjoy working at the Boise Weekly. I look forward to going in the office every morning, and I somehow always manage to leave with a smile on my face. Sure I’m not breaking global scandals or speaking with the President at morning press conferences, but I’m able to do what I like most: write and report about one thing I love: Boise. As a journalism student at the University of Missouri, I’ve missed my hometown and all of its quirks: shopping and eating downtown, biking the Greenbelt and buying produce and warm bread at the Saturday market. I can't even being to describe how happy I am to see foothills, mountains and desert again.

I am very honored and thankful to be able to spend my summer working as a Boise Weekly intern. I’ve been reading BW since junior high when, after swim team practice I would grab the newest copy out of the bright red box located outside the YMCA. It was a bit surreal walking in my first day to see the offices and meet the people behind the paper I have been reading for so long. And I’ll admit that it still is. In the short week I’ve been an intern, I’ve been able to write blog posts, a news story and short blurbs about local events. On my second day, I got to cover a story at the Boise Depot and ride a train for the first time. I’ve had the chance to speak with a variety of individuals in the community and stay updated with what’s going on in Boise.

And even though it’s only been a week, I think its fair to say that it’s going to be an awesome summer. If only summer would last forever, or I could just forget that whole "earn a college degree" thing …