"Yes, Maybe, No" Opening Reception


Lit by the glimmer of the late-afternoon sun—and mildly lit off an array of cocktails—dozens gathered in the Linen Building’s second floor gallery for the opening reception of “Yes, Maybe, No.” Though the new group show has technically been up since Modern Art, the exhibit didn’t have its official reception until Thursday, May 20.

Clustered in chattering circles, reception attendees floated past large-scale paintings, bright installation pieces and intricate smudged drawings, stopping to congratulate Boise State student artists Ben Browne, Matt Bodett, Benjamin Love and Veiko Valencia, along the way.

The Linen Building’s inaugural Boise State group show, “Yes, Maybe, No” interweaves a variety of large- and small-scale works in an assortment of mediums, including charcoal, latex paint, digital photos, vintage school desks and torn up sneakers.

According to Linen Building owner David Hale, the group show was organized as a way to highlight the artistic talent emerging from Boise State. And while artists like Love and Bodett have already established their names on the local art scene, Hale hopes this annual group show will provide a resume-building opportunity for lesser-known Boise State art department grads.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect at the exhibit. If you have any lingering questions, the Gallery will also be hosting an artist’s dialogue on Thursday, June 10 from 5:30-7 p.m. The exhibit runs through Thursday, June 21.

Ben Love: Yummy-Yummy Bubble Gum
  • Ben Love: Yummy-Yummy Bubble Gum

Matt Bodett: Hallucinations
  • Matt Bodett: Hallucinations

Veiko Valencia: Welcome to Disneyland
  • Veiko Valencia: Welcome to Disneyland

Ben Browne: Subjective/Objective (1,000 Appendages)
  • Ben Browne: Subjective/Objective (1,000 Appendages)