Get Your Story Story On Tonight Tonight


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Remember when we went on and on about how rad Boise’s new Moth Radio Hour-inspired live storytelling event was going to be? Well, we weren’t telling tall tales.

Last month’s inaugural Story Story Night in the Linen Building Gallery was organized around the theme, "Busted! Stories about getting caught in the act," and featured hilarious stories of creepy teenage peeping Tom-ery, crooked cops and wandering pairs of panties.

Tonight, the event returns with a new theme, “Crushes,” and a much larger venue, the Linen Building downstairs. A new trio of featured storytellers—including Danny Stewart, Erin Ryan and Jessica Holmes—will lay it all on the line, sharing personal tales of best friend betrayal, an epic, six-year crush and an awkward celebrity infatuation.

Tonight's event starts at 7 p.m., but we'd recommend you get there early to snag a good seat and a cocktail. Awkward public catharsis always washes down easier with a little hooch.