Beer: It's What's For Dinner


Seems like you can find sushi almost anywhere in Boise these days. Just the other night at Chandler's Steakhouse, I gobbled up a "Tower of Tuna" appetizer that included fresh, slippery pink ahi.

However, one place I would never have expected to find sticky rice and wasabi is Highlands Hollow, my go-to for burgers, hand-cut fries, and giant salads. Earlier this week though, as part of a three-course beer-paired dinner in honor of American Craft Beer Week, the Hollow served up three beef sliders perched nigiri-style on cakes of sushi rice, doused in wasabi mayo. It was perfectly paired with an 8-ounce pour of their Ginger Wheat beer. Although the concept of a burger occupying a space I'd normally reserve for fish struck me as weird, I still enjoyed it.

Beer lovers, please note: this week of honoring barley and hops is wrapping up, so take advantage of any remaining festivities and support local brewing.