Need Something to Do Monday?


Look to the Gulf of Mexico and you'll see the convergence of two superpowers locked in a struggle for survival. Oil and New Orleans. One is great, having brought the world Louis Armstrong, A Confederacy of Dunces, blackened catfish and the drive-through margarita stand. The other was great, bringing us industry, the production line, cheap transportation of food and the freedom of mobility. But oil's track record of late, isn't so sunny. It's extraction and consumption is starting to threaten our very capability to survive. Of course, between Hurricane Katrina and consistent economic woes, New Orleans is struggling as well. Difference is, it's return to prominence is worth supporting.

Luckily, tonight, there's a way you can boost New Orleans whilst giving oil a well-deserved kick in the toulcus.

Bike week officially kicked off at 7:30 this morning, when even the birds were bleary-eyed and cranky for lack of coffee. But The Twilight Mardi Gras Ride, which serves as the defacto opening since it's scheduled for a reasonable hour of the evening, happens 7:30 p.m. tonight at Hyde Park Cycles.

It's a leisurely nine-mile group loop with riders dressed in their Mardi Gras finest; Lights, feathers, the whole schebang. It's projected to take about an hour and helmets are required.