Adam Lambert Glams It Up in Boise


Adam Lambert makes a stop on his Glam Nation Tour in Boise on Monday, July 19 (tickets go on sale Friday, May 21) at The Morrison Center. He brings with him female guitarist Orianthi and fellow Idol not-winner Allison Iraheta.

Lambert was the season eight runner-up on American Idol—which means he actually won. Other than Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood—exceptions who went huge—it's hard to remember the names of the other six winners more or less the names of any subsequent albums or songs. Some of Lambert's celebrite is more notoriety than artistry, certainly, but the kid gets credit for committing to a look.

On a side note, the Morrison Center seems like a weird venue for this show. Back in the days when Madonna was first starting out, girls loved going to her shows dressed like her. Hell, I bet the Pilates-armed legions of female fans who are Madge's age still do. I would think the same would go for Lambertians (I made that up; I have no idea what they call themselves), but the Morrison Center just doesn't feel like a fluorescent hair, smudgy kohl eyeliner, spiky dog collar, pleather pants, floor-length duster kind of place.