In Two-Wheeled Wonderment


Coincidence. Synchronicity. The words have similar meanings but what's important is not their similarity, but rather their difference. My favorite definition of coincidence involves a "noteworthy alignment between events or circumstances without an obvious causal connection." That's from Wikipedia. Synchronicity, on the other hand (and excluding a well-known album by The Police), involves "coincidences that seem to be meaningfully related," according to Wiktionary.

However, I often find I learn more from examples using words in context, so here you go:

The fact that Boise Bike Week kicks off today, on the same day as the Amgen Tour of California, which is indisputably the biggest and most prestigious cycling stage race in North America, has got to be a coincidence. Tune in to Versus for full coverage as Lance Armstrong and teammate Levi Leipheimer duke it out with the likes of David Zabriskie and Fabian Cancellara—it should be an excellent prelude to July's Tour de France.

The fact that next week is also American Craft Beer Week? Well now that's synchronicity for sure. Thanks to the Boise Co-Op, our own community will be celebrating with a variety of events—including tastings, beer-paired dinners, and brewery tours—scheduled for each day. Click here for details.

One question remains. What's the word for a beer-buzzed individual balancing on two wheels while watching pro cyclists enter the pain cave on TV? Um ... Me?