Wine is for Tools


Maynard James Keenan, singer for Tool and A Perfect Circle, is perhaps the most legendary weirdo still active as a rock musician.

The Many Faces of Maynard
  • The Many Faces of Maynard
The rumors about him include everything from injecting himself with female hormones so he'll grow breasts on tour, to smearing himself with blueberry yogurt before shows, to having a doctor's prescription to be in a band at all times as the only effective means of dealing with his variety of mental illnesses. Is any of it true? Who knows and who cares. It makes for great mythology, especially as he's also notoriously media-shy which allows every crackpot theory to snowball wildly out of control, making him even more fascinating.

However, even with all that, Tool fans are likely to be seriously surprised by Keenan's behavior in a documentary to be released this summer. Turns out, in addition to being a metal god and a Garbo-esque mystery, Keenan is now operating a winery.

Yup. Didn't see that one coming, didja?

From the press release ...

Blood Into Wine, the documentary about Maynard James Keenan (front man for Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle) and vineyard partner Eric Glomski’s mission to bring notoriety and credibility to Northern Arizona’s burgeoning wine industry, screens at The Flicks on July 11. called the film: "a rock 'n roll version of Sideways,” the Los Angeles Times said “The frisson between his [Keenan] well-crafted personal mystique and the way the film presents him as a dedicated new winemaker learning his craft is intriguing” and the San Diego CityBeat added: "It’s a behind-the-curtain peek at a notoriously publicity-shy celebrity, but more than that, it’s a fascinating look at pioneers braving the Arizona elements to create drinkable art."

Check out the trailer here.