Need Something to Do Thursday?


Doesn't matter what "it" is, Boise is a town that likes their "it" local. Everything from food to art to health care policy is preferred homegrown. And tonight, there's a chance to celebrate those values musically for the second week of the month-long Last Band Standing at Tom Grainey's.

I know, a battle of the bands sounds like more like the climax to an '80s movie than a really bangin' night out on the town. But to that, let me offer two points of analysis.

First: '80s movies are awesome. Especially the ones climax with a battle of the bands. There is no more bangin' night out on the town than those portrayed in the films of the spandex decade.

Second: I submit that there is no more honest or honorable celebration of local music than the battle of the bands. It's a platform in which all locals are welcomed and given the chance to prove themselves that they've always craved, with the prize usually being studio time or radio appearances—the things that locals are generally denied for being locals. This is especially important as many bands, no matter how talented, aren't suitable for many of the high-profile gigs that celebrate locality. No non-"family-friendly" group will ever be booked at the Saturday market or Alive After Five. But give them a battle of the bands as a platform and they just mght run laps around whatever acoustic trio happens to be bogarting all the gigs. Moreover, as far as battles go, they're more of a love fest, where lovers of music come together and root one another on, to drum a little harder, solo a little longer or toss in a knee slide. It's the rare band that begrudges the winner, because they were there, they saw everything that went into the winner's set and know it was a victory well-deserved.

Keeping that in mind, what respectable local-lovin' Boisian wouldn't want to be there, front-row center and ruling the applauseometer?

Bands battling tonight are Black Tooth Grin, Elite, Fault Paradox and Lust Greeds Envy. Kicks off at 9 p.m. at Grainey's and is FREE FREE FREE.