Need Something to Do Wednesday?


Somehow, despite its heavy schedule of confusing old people, harming children and easing identity theft, Facebook has found the time to become both a business model and a sought-after job skill.

What? That thing with the "like" buttons, and the Farmville and that douche from high school who keeps wanting to "friend" me?

That's a big ol' yuppers. Facebook and other social networking sites, like Twitter, mean serious cash when used effectively.

And while that should be obvious, there's a little more to it. (For instance, don't be like this girl.)

That's why today, you should head down to Boise State for the Social Media conference, where you can get all the hot poop on field-tested strategies for social networking, as well as all the latest research on how it's driving us ever closer to a Terminator-style apocalypse techno-utopia.