History's Tragic Typos


Though BW has made some unfortunate typos over the years (pubic radio, anyone?), reading Cracked.com’s “The 7 Most Disastrous Typos Of All Time”made us feel pretty damned saintly.

According to the article, history is filled with some pretty unfortunate oopsie-daisies. For example, there's the 1870 German study that accidentally printed the decimal place for spinach's iron content one spot too far to the right, thereby erroneously fueling Popeye's spinach addiction. Spinach, it turns out, has the same iron content as watermelon.

Or there's the 1631 reprint of the King James Bible—known as the Wicked Bible—that accidentally left the "not" out of "thou shalt not commit adultery.” D'oh.

So, the next time you accidentally type "assfisting" instead of "assisting," on a legal document, don't blush too hard. At least you're not the Chilean mint, which misspelled the name of their own country as "Chiie" on their 50 peso coin.