Great Pallet Grab


There are a few things we can promise that you’ll find in abundance around a newspaper: piles and piles of papers and inserts (duh), stacks of notebooks, jealously guarded pens, science experiments in the refrigerator and snacks horded in desk drawers.

While we accept, and even love, most of these things, lately, Boise Weekly finds itself inundated by one thing it doesn't really need: the wooden pallets our paper arrives on each week. In fact, we have a few we’d really love to see disappear.

If you’re in the market for a free pallet or two, they will be up for the grabbing outside BWHQ (on the corner of Sixth and Broad streets). They’ll be outside until 2 p.m., but if you can’t make it, call our Office Manger, Shea, at 208-344-2055 to see if we can work something out.