VIDEO: Brady Udall reads from "The Lonely Polygamist"


On May 3, Brady Udall read from his new novel The Lonely Polygamist (May 2010, W.W. Norton & Co.) at Boise's Rediscovered Bookshop. The book is about Golden Richards, a man with four wives, 28 children and a debilitating sense of loneliness.

Udall read from a particularly poignant passage about Rusty, Golden's 11-year-old son and one of the novel's major characters. Rusty is kind of a tool, but his not-so-lovable qualities stem less from intentional malice than from an agonizing desire to be somewhere and something he's not.

You can hear Udall one more time on Monday, May 10 at 7 p.m. at Barnes & Noble before he leaves on a national book tour.

Take the opportunity. Not only is Udall charming, self-deprecating and wickedly funny, but I have a feeling that the national and international attention he's going to get from this novel is going to keep him very busy for awhile. He's going to be anything but lonely.