Werner Herzog Does Where’s Waldo



“Vhere to begin. Sigh. Top left corner. Hidden somevhere in zis noisy chaotic morazz of society iz our fellow traveler, Valdo, a man unstuck from place and time.”

So growls unflinchingly intense German filmmaker Werner Herzog, narrating a Where’s Waldo? children’s book. Though the voice is obviously an impersonation, the premise is, nonetheless, genius.

Where, faux-Herzog wonders, is Waldo going? And what do his adventures convey about the madness of humanity?

“Vy all zis travel? Ve search for Valdo but vat is Valdo searching for? Perhaps he’s not searching at all, but running from zomzing. Does zis man even vant to be found?’"

We all want to be found, Werner. Even the bespectacled, cane-loosing, striped shirt-wearing who wander unnoticed among us.