Need Something to Do Thursday?


Dinner and a movie: the rock of evenings out. It's always there, it's always good. Covers all the bases. Food. Opportunity to converse. A block of time in which you don't have to say anything because you realized you're out of stuff to say. And then something new, a shared experience, to converse about.

But that's not to say that things can't go horribly awry. Dinner and a movie could be interpreted to mean fast food and a rented DVD of Battlefield Earth.

Please don't anyone do that to your date, by the way. Any reasonable MTV Blame Game studio audience would definitely rule in their favor.

Instead. why not hit up The Red Feather Lounge at 6:30 for their monthly Food and Film series, where there will be a delicious three-course meal, a screening of the documentary No Impact Man, and then a discussion of the film afterward. And all that for only $25! Why they've got to be crazy to offer prices like that. Or awesome.