Need Something to Do Monday?


George Orwell wrote of societal control through the constraint and limitation of language. By limiting access to the range and nuance of the ideas that words represented, the population would keep "focused." And while I in no way would posit that we live in anything even remotely near the totalitarian dystopia he described in 1984, the ideas that he wrote of in his brilliant essay "Politics and the English Language," are in fact highly visible in nearly every aspect of modern political discourse. And that's why I submit that skateboarding will be the savior of democracy.

Pretty sure I lost most of you just there.

Yoinker. Noggles. Gnar-gnar. Grindage. Nus. Despite the red-underlined protest of Microsoft, these are words. They mean thief, getting smacked in the groin, a pragmatically useless and dangerous act performed solely for the thrill, food and a lack of focus. Which should be totally obvious unless you schralped yer noodle and wound up hamstered. Dig?

As long as skateboarders continue to mutate language, imbuing it with rich new nuance, thought will not be constrained and democracy will thrive. That's why Orwell wrote that if there was hope, it lay in the proles. He didn't exactly predict that it would be skateboarders, but he didn't predict the internet either, instead casting it like Ted Stevens' view as a "series of tubes."

That's why if you want to support democracy, you should head down the Boise State Special Events Center tonight and check out the free screening of Prestige Skate Shop's new video, which features local riders like Dillon Castillo, Eddy Meksovanh, Kelley William, Taylor Crandall, Lucas Erlebach, Shea Cooper and more, killing it on all-local terrain. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. Snacks will be served. Or, grindage if you prefer.