Need Something to Do Thursday?


One of the downsides of the information age is that with immediate access to pretty much every idea anyone has ever had, it's quickly obvious how many of them are blatantly recycled. Songs are covered. Politics are repackaged. Cleaning products claim to be new and improved but we all know they're original formula.

French writer Georges Polti even did an intensive study and breakdown of Greek and French texts and determined that there are only 36 possible plots for storytelling, and that we've been rehashing them for thousands of years; which certainly accounts for anything aired on UPN, but is a frustration for fans of the mystery or the twist ending because chances are, you've seen it before many many times.

Yet we as humans have that curiosity, that itch for something new and different, whether it's ice cream for breakfast or Alf for president.

And tonight at The Egyptian Theatre round 7 p.m., some of Boise's brightest are going to give it a go at Ignite Boise. And you can be there for free.

Wait, wait, wait ... WTF is Ignite Boise you may ask? (Which I knew you would because it's happened before.) So glad you did, which is what I told you last time.

Here it is in their own words, slightly rearranged ...

Ignite Boise is a 3 hour-ish idea feeding frenzy that brings together artists, geeks, entrepreneurs, academics, government officials, and others to share their ideas in fast-paced, bite-sized presentations ... Presenters each get five minutes and 20 slides (automatically rotating every 15 seconds) to talk on a topic of their choice ...The goal is to bring together embers of big ideas to spark a blaze of creativity in Boise’s business and creative community—leaving attendees more educated and just as importantly, more inspired.

Early admission tickets are gone, but the show is still free, and doors will be opened to non-ticket holders at 6:30 p.m.