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Your Future Lord and Master
  • Your Future Lord and Master
Admit it: at some point you've desired to take over the world. Maybe it was a passing fancy, just a flickering urge that arrived with a traffic ticket or political opposition to whatever. But still, it was there, that deep-seated and wholly irrational feeling that the world would be much better off clutched tightly in your fist, grateful for whatever mercy you grant it.

Whether that urge has endured, or whether you're just looking for no-risk-to-life-and-limb way to deal with it, the answer is the same. Chess.

What? That stupid game smart people are always raving about? That's the one. No respectable evil genius or prospective world conqueror is anything less than a stellar chess player. And if you're even remotely serious about your goals of world conquest, you better learn how to move Knight to Queen-6 with a quickness.

And tonight, you can do exactly that, testing your skills against Boise's other aspiring global supreme overlords at A Novel Adventure's chess tournament. Entry is only $2 and the tournament lasts from 6-9 p.m.