Mother Sauces, Part Deux



Local chef and BW guest blogger extraordinaire Randy King returns to Pottery Gourmet Kitchen tonight for the second installment of his popular Mother Sauces class. But fret not, these sauces won’t pester you to find a nice man or lay on the guilt for not calling enough. Actually, the term “mother sauces” was coined to refer to the five elemental sauces in French cuisine: bechamel (white cream sauce), veloute (light stock-based sauce), espagnole (brown stock-based sauce), hollandaise (emulsified egg-based sauce) and sauce tomate (tomato-based sauce).

Tonight’s menu will feature salmon in paper with fish veloute sauces; de-constructed chicken noodle soup; rigatoni cacciatore; calamari provencal; balsamic reduction with fried tomatoes and goat cheese; burre blanc with halibut and strawberries; and burre rouge with salmon. Each course also includes wine pairings to get you even more sauced.

The class is from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Pottery Gourmet Kitchen at 811 W. Bannock St. and will set non-members back $50 (or $40 for members).