I Spy With My Little i: Ben Wilson Art On An iPhone


If you love the bio-mechanical treebots, tie-wearing bears, precious crab-claw wielding little girls or bike-riding goats of Ben Wilson's creation and you are the proud owner of an iPhone, you might want to scoop up a Wilson-designed art skin from Izozzi.com.

Four of Wilson's grinning ghosties—"Chad," "Emily," "Gregg" and "Jessica"—grace either a hard-shell or gel skin and are available for pre-order (orders ship Monday, April 26).

Due to the lack of inventory and the pre-order business, it looks like Izozzi is just getting things rolling. But they do have a couple of other artists' cool skins as well as two band skins. One is for Chicago-based The Blamers and one is for Boise's own James Orr, which features a picture of the big-bearded musician standing large-and-in-charge. (Looks like Orr's skins might be available at his shows.)

Do you want to design your own skin or get your own musical mug on the back of fans' iPhones? Visit Izozzi.com for more info.

To see more of Wilson's work, visit artofbenwilson.blogspot.com.