Spring Time = Trauma Time



In Boise, springtime is synonymous with new growth. The foothills are tinged with green, and flowers are beginning to bloom.

In the air medical business, spring also marks the growth of our client base—we call it "trauma season" because it's the time of year when folks are more apt to attempt reckless recreation in the form of ATV-ing, whitewater rafting, and other high-adrenaline outdoor sports. And in case you wondered, it's nothing like NBC's terrible Trauma.

At a time when downsizing is a common theme, I'm happy to report that my employer, Lifeflight Network, is actually expanding. Today, we opened a new base in Lewiston, Idaho, that will be fully staffed, 24/7, with an EMS crew aboard an A-Star B3 helicopter, one of the most capable and powerful ships in the field. Learn more about the effect this will have on the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical care in Idaho here.