Boise Poets Hope to Slam Into Nationals


Isaac Grambo is mad at his mustache.
  • Isaac Grambo wants to know if you like his mustache.
On Monday, April 19, Neurolux will fill with impassioned voices slamming life, love and maybe even the pursuit of a decent sandwich.

The occasion is Big Tree Arts' Poetry Slam deLux Finals and those voices will belong to eight slam poet finalists, each hoping to win a spot in the group of four who will go on to the National Poetry Slam in Minneapolis, Minn., to represent Boise.

This year, NPS has lowered the minimum age requirement for competitors from 21 to 18, so 20-year-old Boise poet Alex Hatter will be in the running for a trip to nationals. Here are the eight competing slam poets listed in order of their current ranking within the Boise system: Cheryl Maddalena, Tara Brenner, Faith Sawyer, Kristen Smith, Alex Hatter, Isaac Grambo, Janelle Wilson, Richard Wilson and Spencer Woods Tara Brenner, Cheryl Maddalena, Faith Sawyer, Kristen Smith, Isaac Grambo, Alex Hatter, Janelle Wilson and Brooke Axtell.

Slamming starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $8 (though you still have to be 21 to get in).

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