Need Something to Do Monday?


It was an oft-made observation that the grunge music scene in Seattle was born heavily from the weather being so crappy that people had to find something to do to pass the time inside. And there's no two ways about it: the weather is crap today. So, it might just be the day to start a band.

But what's that you say? You're thoroughly without talent? Well that's never stopped a rock band before. More a matter of style really.

Oh, but you also have have an attention span honed by Twitter. Yeah, that's a problem. The moment the sun comes back out, you'll probably be going outside, getting exercise and living a healthy lifestyle where you interact with other human beings instead of spending your days alone in the basement trying to find the best chord to accurately express your inner torment. What a waste.

If only there was some temporary rock and roll way you could wait this ugliness out ...

Today actually, there is. Devo, one of the greatest bands ever, has recorded 16 new songs, but only 12 can go on their new album and they want your help picking which. And you don't even need to leave your computer to do it. Just click this link.

Here's a little bit of what to expect from a press release Devo Inc sent to BW.

This interactive test will gauge your exact opinion on matters of musical taste and is the latest technological wrinkle in facilitating DEVO’s ongoing mission to appeal to everybody. We need you, the harrowed content consumer, to determine these final 12 songs. And we assure you that any measured contribution to this cause is time well spent, and enables a freedom of choice that was foretold long ago.

You are the key to a more appealing tomorrow for all of us.

Duty now for the future!

Greg Scholl
COO of DEVO Inc.

After listening to the clips, there's a pretty rad bar graph made up of pictures of the people who've rated the songs.