Please Pass the Free Cheese


Here's a food tidbit for the weekend:

National Cheese Fondue Day is Sunday, April 11, right between National Cinnamon Crescent Day (April 10) and National Cheese Sandwich Day (April 12).

Sunday, April 11, is also Barbershop Quartet Day, International "Louie Louie" Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day and Liberation Day in Uganda, but we digress.

In celebration of fondue and the day dedicated to it, The Melting Pot is offering up samples of three new cheese blends: Feng Shui (Havarti and Gruyere with saki and horseradish), French Onion Swiss and Bourbon Bacon Cheddar from 2 to 4 p.m. After 4 p.m., it's dinner time, and for each cheese fondue The Melting Pot puts in front of a diner that night, it will fork over $10 to the Gluten Intolerance Group (more calendar trivia for you: May is Celiac Awareness month ... makes us wonder what color ribbon George Carlin would assign Celiac Awareness).

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