Need Something to Do Tuesday?


You've all been there: that moment when you're browsing through the library shelves and find that book you've been wanting to read for years, the one that's had five gazillion holds on it, the one that's always checked out, the one that some a-hole keeps stealing the copies of that you specially request, the one you can't just buy because it's impossibly out of print despite its obvious genius. And when you finally see it there, at the moment when your fingers wrap around it's spine, when you slide it from the shelves to hoist it skyward, bellowing victory and jumping up and down, what happens?

"Sssh ... Library voices."

"Right, right, sorry. It's just, you know, this book. Been looking for it for—"

"Ssshhh ..." And this time, the librarian throws in that condescending finger to the lip.

And you clamp your lips right, because librarians are hardcore, and you don't want to cross one. But still, you grumble and walk away, the buzz of the florescent lights seemingly cacophonous in the rigid silence.

Well, just for one day, you can forget all that with Get Loud At The Library, a one-day celebration of all things noisy in the city's foremost shrine to hushin' the eff up.

From 5-8 p.m., there will be activities ranging from a kids rhythm parade (this probably means giving them pots, wooden spoons and a free pass to use them both) to readers' theater in very loud voices, to some sweet rock tunes from local indie band, A Seasonal Disguise. Plus, ice cream!

But once you get all hyped on free ice cream sugar and are ready to go find that book, the one you want to shout and dance about on the one day you're free to do so, don't bother. You know it's going to be checked out.

Main Library, 715 S. Capitol Blvd.