Grow a Lot, Share a Little


What started out as a book club assignment has turned into a mission to help feed local refugee families with the bounty that grows in Boise backyards.

After reading What is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng by Dave Eggers, Boise real estate agent Kim Metez was inspired. Working to form a community project with other agents in her real estate office, she started asking for donations from people’s gardens that she could pass along to the International Rescue Committee, where for the last two years she has volunteered by helping a Burmese family adapt to their new life.

From the first boxes full of food that arrived on her doorstep in July 2009, donations steadily grew. The freshly grown produce was taken to the IRC office, where it was distributed to refugees as they came in for help with learning English, finding work, scheduling doctor appointments, reading bus maps and trying to function in an United States city.

As the 2010 growing season approaches, Metez is gearing up for another summer of sharing. In addition to donations of fresh fruits and vegetables from citizen gardens, she is looking for volunteers who can help with grant writing as well as master gardeners and master composters.

For more information visit the Abundance Project’s Facebook page. You can also call Kim at 208-871-9059, or email her at

Last summer, one donor was so enthusiastic about the project that he created a video to help promote it.

Abundance Project from Craig Clark Studio on Vimeo.