Need Something to Do Thursday?


What? It's a whole new month already? DANG! I'd just gotten used to March. Now I have to start all over. But wait, it's also a Thursday? Isn't there some sort of thing that happens on the first Thursday of the month? What's it called?

Oh, right... First Thursday.

Once five-o-clocks rolls around, punch that clock and stroll around downtown to get cultured something fierce. And if you want to interpret "cultured," as hammered on cheap wine telling artists what you really think of their work, then that's cool too.

Some picks are below.

Local "genius," Ward Hooper is opening a new gallery and debuting a new poster. Check it out before it's last months news.

Taco Eating Contest at Chronic Tacos: See who can cram six tacos with the ultra hot salsa on them in their mouth the fastest. Winner gets a t-shirt and doesn't have to pay for the tacos. Everyone else, $5. But $5 for six tacos is still pretty rad. 8:30 pm.

Former Disney animator Geoffrey Evert will be teaching a seminar on making flipbooks at The Eclectic Art Store at six p.m.

Mad Men party at The Modern, where you can dress like it's the fifties, but pay "modern" prices.

The Recycled Art Show, and we don't mean any of the Rush Hour or Lethal Weapon sequels.

And if you want to review hundreds more options, hit up BW's First Thursday interactive, zoom-able, pan-able Web map now.