The Bridge on the River, Why?


When we saw this morning that the Gray Lady’s eye had fallen on Boise’s own Vista Interchange project, our response was: “April Fools?” Turns out it was for real, despite its somewhat dubious headline: “A Bridge to Fame in Boise, Honest”.

Don’t get us wrong, we think the Vista Interchange rebuild is a pretty big deal, and made more interesting for the fact that it’s being retooled as a “single point urban interchange”—a design hitherto unknown in Idaho.

We like seeing Boise mentioned in the Times, but is the work on Vista really worthy of coverage in the nation’s newspaper of record?

Our theory is that reporter William Yardley—who was in Boise to cover Walt Minnick's attendance at the Ron Paul event on Saturday—happened past ITD’s Interstate-84 kiosk at the airport and figured he’d fire off a quickie for the folks back East.

As the saying goes: All press is good press, so chalk one up for ITD’s marketing efforts, honest.