Need Something to Do Tuesday?


All right! Fresh new morning! Gonna get up! Gonna stretch! Gonna play some totally sweet disc golf right after work today! Today is going to be totally awesome! I'll just open the blinds to greet the sun.

Oh ...

Lame ... It's, "raining." WTF. I thought we lived in the desert or something. Isn't rain just something that's just supposed to happen to other people? Oh well. Guess it's time to hit up the movies then. Sure am glad to have put some money away for a rainy day. Lessee, where's that piggy bank ... Ah, here it is. We'll just open it up and ... Dang ... It's empty. Stupid global recession.

Well have no fear fearless moviegoer, because Tuesdays are the best days to be cheap broke and in search of cinema in Boise, for both The Northgate Reel, and The Country Club Reel have special Tuesday prices that the change in your couch cushion should cover. One American dollar at The Country Club, and only 50 cents for The Northgate.

Only two bits you say? Why, with prices that low, they must be crazy! Dunno. It's possible. But I'm not going to speculate cause in the journalism biz we call that "slander," and it's a big ol' no-no. Instead, let's just call them prices inspired by the third world.

Showtimes are listed here and here. And for the love of Jeff, turn off your cell phone in the theater, jerky.