Ignite Boise 4 Announced


The next round of firestarting is Thursday, April 22, and the winners have been announced. Presenters, that is. Competition is pretty fierce for a slot in the line up and this time around the public was able vote in two slideshows.

Sixteen people will have the Egyptian Theatre's stage to themselves for a whopping five minutes to talk about 20 powerpoint slides, each of which gets 15 seconds of fame.

Matthew Cameron Clark's "It’s raining inside and the taxidermy is talking: this is my job in the theater!" and Oescar French's "French-American Romance" won the people's choice contest. The other 14 presentations include "People-Powered Radio," a high-tech ancient history lesson, a how-to guide for gardening anywhere in the urban landscape and an essential guide to the tips and tricks of playing Edward 40 Hands.

The event is free, but ticket holders get in at 6 p.m. to snag prime seats. General admission starts at 6 :30 p.m.