"Life" With Oprah


Oprah Winfrey has arrived.

She's not just a talk-show host anymore, and nor is she just the producer/publisher of a successful glossy rag (O Magazine). In addition to "philanthropist" and "global media entrepreneur," she can now add "narrator" to her resume. While she'll still spend another year on her show talking to guests about life, Winfrey is now also talking quite literally about life as the narrator of the new DiscoveryHD and BBC series Life.

It's not every celebrity whose disembodied voice is instantly recognizable and imbues a character-less script with personality, but Winfrey has joined the ranks of Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough. After the first two episodes of Life, from the creators of Planet Earth, it's clear that she wields the same gentle authority as anyone who can keep a straight face while detailing the body-slamming mating rituals of hump-backed whales.

Ever wonder how many Komodo Dragons it takes to bring down a water buffalo? Oprah Winfrey has the answer. And the proper noun Life is far more interesting than talk show "life" ever was.