Need Something to Do Thursday?


Little thought experiment here: What could possibly be more awkward than a blind date. Let's see ... how about a whole bunch of them at once? Maybe with strangers whom you've exchanged only tiny tidbits of info online, but never met before? Yeah ... Now we're cooking. Maybe they could all be people you know from one Web site with a really silly name, Twizzle, or something like that. Ooh ... how about Twitter. And then, since posts on Twitter are called, Tweets, or Twats—made by twits—what could we call this thing? Hows about ... a Tweet-up? Yeah, that'd be awkward!

Too bad it would never happen. Or would it?

Oddly enough, yes, it is happening today from 4-7 p.m. at Sweetwater's Tropic Zone. You can meet fellow Twits, snack on island delights, "network" and get drunk enough that you get totally out of hand and speak in sentences of more than 140 characters. I know, wild!

But be warned, when you make catty tweets in real time, about how so-and-so's hair looks like a bird's nest, or the waiter is SO rude; for the first time ever, you may actually have to face up to the person they're about. Just take a step back, breathe and run like hell.