Need Something to Do Wednesday?


Hypothetically, let's say you're a hip young-ish person, perhaps a college student or a recent grad. Maybe you studied graphic design, or marketing. Perhaps you went for English so you'd be sure to get a job at Starbucks. Basically, you're the kind of person who regularly reads Boise Weekly, or this blog. "Hypothetically."

So, you're this person, strutting down the street, lookin' good and thinking to yourself: damn this place rocks. My family and friends are here. I can go ice-blocking on Simplot hill, and then easily stumble home from the Neurolux at 2 a.m. afterward. Obviously, the local weekly paper is totally, like, THE best. But damn I need a Snoop Jobby Job. And preferably one with some upward mobility. And just over yonder, Oregon and Washington are sporting companies like Nike, Intel, Boeing, HP, Columbia Sportswear, and Starbucks—where my English degree can be put to good use—while downtown Boise is sporting a giant haunted hole in the ground, and a vacant Macy's. Suddenly, that old saying, "Go West young man," is starting to make a lot of sense. So why should I stay?

Well, today, at 5:30 p.m. in the Garden Level West Wing of the State Capitol, is your chance to find out, when Governor C.L. "I desperately want to be an astronaut" Otter, will attend areception and discussion put on by Boise Young Professionals and Perkins Coie, on why young professionals should stay in Idaho.

From 5:30-6 p.m., you whippersnappers will have the chance to network a bit before Old Man Otter hits the stage to give a brief speech and presentation. At 6:15, he'll take your questions. Questions like, "why should I as a young professional stay in Idaho?" Or, is this a good place to start my law career?

Hopefully, these, along with all your other burning questions, will be answered.

However if you can't make it, just remember one thing: plastics.