Tweeting a Tumor (Removal)


@SeattleBlank, IRL name Aaron Blank, is a PR consultant who lives and works in, where else, Seattle, Wash., and who keeps a close eye on social media/networking.

About 12 hours ago, @SeattleBlank started tweeting during a surgery taking place at Seattle's Swedish Medical Center using the hashtag #Swedish.

According to the hospital's Web site, the patient is a a 69-year-old man who is having a renal mass removed. The patient "consented to the live Twitter feed during his operation."

Updates have been regular and are at times general, at times specific. They are at times mundane, at times graphic.

"Incision of right side of flank. Provides access to kidney."

"What is @JamesPorterMD doing? Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy w/ da Vinci robot assist done retroperitoneal meaning from side/back #Swedish"

"MD is expanding retro space with balloon to get to spot. Balloon expands as he pumps up. Scope inside let's us see space #Swedish"

"MD ready for large camera and ready to dock da Vinci robot to assist surgery. #Swedish"

"What are we doing? #Swedish Swedish Hospital's first ever surgery from OR on Twitter."

"First view of kidney tumor on screen now! #Swedish"

"Here is another pic of the kidney tumor."

If you're on Twitter, and interested in following the surgery or (gulp) looking at the photos, enter #Swedish in the search box.

It's a whole new world, kids.