Doug Benson and Nick Thune Love Movies, But ...


I caught up with comedians Doug Benson and Nick Thune at the convention center this afternoon. They were a lot more willing to talk to me than Jason Reitman was last week when I met him. I mentioned the Alamo Drafthouse competition to create celebrity videos warning crowds not to talk during movies and Benson said he'd heard about it. He also said I was the first person to ask him to shoot a video.

Doug Benson, a fan, Nick Thune
  • Doug Benson, a fan, Nick Thune

Not sure my video will qualify me to enter the contest, but it was a good excuse to hang with these guys. We talked it over and they recruited one of their funny friends to add a touch of irony to the whole concept. They meant well, but the friend is mad that Benson and Thune interrupted the movie he was watching. On his phone.