Wienermobile Visits Boise


The American landscape is littered with monuments both meaningful and mundane, but whether cultural, commercial or just plain kitschy, many have made some mark on our country’s notion of nostalgia. Rolling into town this week is an ambulatory piece of Americana—the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

  • Jeremiah Robert Wierenga

Boise Weekly spotted the condiment cab just off Capitol Boulevard yesterday. The Wienermobile will be visiting Treasure Valley Albertsons and a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby throughout this week. If you’re looking for a bite of nostalgic nosh or want to score a wiener whistle, here’s a rundown of the hot-dog rod’s schedule:

Wed. 3/10
9am-12pm, 5 Mile and Ustick
1-5pm, 5 Mile and Overland

Thurs. 3/11
9am-12pm, 10 Mile and Overland
1-5pm, Meridian Rd. and Cherry Lane

Fri. 3/12
9am-12pm, Eagle Rd. and State St.
1-5pm, Eagle Rd. and McMillan

Sat. 3/13
10am-12pm Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby (location unknown)

  • Jeremiah Robert Wierenga

Now all I need is a bib, a bucket to carry a tune in, and a B.A. in Communications.