Poo at the Zoo


Zoo Boise veterinarians have taken their doo-ties to the next level. Tomorrow, March 6, from 8:30-10:30 a.m., they’re offering your little poop troops (aged six and up) the opportunity to participate in a morning flush with “fun fecal-focused activities.” Though it might sound like a crappy way to spend the day, the Zoo promises that poop “is an important part of any animal’s ecosystem—and is a great tool for tracking animals in their habitat.”

The glovely zoo veterinarian will demonstrate how she examines animal poop and provide a butt-load of info on how animal feces can be an indicator of animal health. If a lack of snacking has you flushed, don’t get down in the dumps—the program also includes a light continental breakfast, as well as an up-close animal encounter and a visit to the animal clinic.

For Boise City residents, becoming a one-day member of the poo crew will set you back $9, non-residents pay $12, and Friends of Zoo Boise members shell out $7. If you’re interested in exploring number two at the zoo, register online today at cityofboise.org/parks.