1332 Records Battle of the Bands Live


UPDATE: Black Locust (a band made up of ex-Heibarger members) won.

Social Antidote
  • Social Antidote

It's Monday night in BODO and it's loud.

1332 Records is hosting their 2010 Battle of the Bands finals at Liquid and local bands Social Antidote, Cold War Veterans, Black Locust and Roofied Resistance are in contention for the title of winner as well as a record deal with 1332.

The place is packed, 1332 has CDs and T-shirts on sale for $5 (I bought three T's for the IT Guy), the singer for Social Antidote finished out their set singing "I was born in 1965 / and -I-I-I still skate /on your face," the drummer for Cold War Veterans looks like a math teacher (and is wearing a T-shirt that reads "Normal"), their singer just sang about how much he hates vegetarians—making the one next to me grimace—and PBR in giant cans and even bigger bottles (with personalized cozies!) is the drink du nuit.

It's Monday night in BODO and I'm glad I came out.