Boise's Newest Lube: Wud Polish



I have received an offer to consider. There is a relatively new Boise-based, independent company manufacturing a personal lubricant called Wud Polish. Here is the information from their Web site:

Wud Polish™ is the ultimate luxury in personal lubrication.
Lubricates and moisturizes with just a few drops.
Latex and condom safe.
Non-tacky super slick formula.
Made in U.S.A.

You can buy 2 ounces for $12.95 or 4 ounces for $24.95.

I am not impressed with the Web site. But to be fair, I am not sure what the Web site quality has to do with the quality of the lubricant.

I have been offered samples for the BW staff, but I'm not sure what to do. Do I get the samples and, in our Friday morning staff meeting, make a casual announcement that I have a sample of lubricant for everyone?

And perhaps we have overlooked an important category in our annual Best of Boise: Best Local Personal Lubricant.

Ah, it's just another day at Boise Weekly.