Urban Foraging Map



If you feel a nugget of righteous pride every time you pick up your CSA box from a local farmer, imagine how great you’ll feel carting home armloads of fresh fruit for free. No, we’re not talking dumpster diving, we’re talking urban foraging.

Following in the vein of Portland’s Urban Edibles or Los Angeles’ Fallen Fruit, Boise now has its own urban foods Google map. Want to know where to root out rosemary? Or where you can fill your basket with blackberries? Check the map. Or do you own a peach tree that produces enough fruit to feed the entire neighborhood? Put it on the map and help out your fellow foragers.

Though urban foraging is technically a free-for-all, according to Urban Edibles, there are a few common sense ground rules: Always ask permission before picking, only take what you will eat, be careful not to damage the plant and watch for chemical contamination.

This could turn out to be one inexpensively tasty summer.