Shakespeare and Dual-ing SIM Cards


I was listening to a piece on BBC radio last night about cell phones in Cambodia. The market is highly competitive and the cell phone giants are fiercely fighting for market share. To take advantage of the competitive plans being offered, consumers can buy phones that can be used with multiple SIM cards. Often consumers have two or three phones that they use at one time to take advantage of usage discounts.

I did not even know that you could have dual SIM cards in a phone. I researched "dual SIM card phones" and found they are readily available in the United States. It's interesting that this is widely promoted in other markets and we do not even know about it here.

It makes me wonder if we are getting played, and what would Shakespeare would think about all this cell phone nonsense:

"All the world's a cellphone, / and all the men and women merely consumers. / They have their data plans / and their SIM cards."