National Geo. Looks at Idaho Wolf Hunt


A very familiar image caught my attention as I leafed through the March edition of National Geographic after it showed up in my mailbox yesterday.

Spread across two full pages (36-37) is a photograph taken by North Idaho resident Robert Millage, who recorded the first wolf killed during Idaho’s inaugural wolf hunt last fall.

It’s an image that’s familiar to most of us in the area since Millage’s photographs of his successful hunt have been picked up by media outlets far and wide in the wake of the latest battle in the always-controversial wolf issue.

Boise Weekly even spoke with Millage in November 2009, and included several of his photographs, as well as his take on the wolf hunt, as part of a photo essay on wolves in Idaho.

As always, National Geographic offers a quality read, and a story that hits closer to home than usual for most Idahoans.