Josh Ritter: New Album & A Boise Show



The new Josh Ritter album arrived at BWHQ yesterday.

Track number three: that new one "The Curse" that all you JR fans love so much and the one Ritter took to the stage guitarless to deliver up to Boise for the first time at last summer's pair of Egyptian shows.

I'm on a third listen full-album listen today and it's pretty damn diggable stuff. Like Historical Conquests in contrast to Animal Years, So Runs the World Away turns out another dimension of Ritter's storytelling, pushing it along a path parallel to his previous work yet most differently getting to that same other-world destination.

The album doesn't officially drop until May 4 in the United States—sorry folks, but Ireland gets it a full 12 days earlier on April 23.

BUT ... big, capitol-lettered BUT there ...

The album will be available on vinyl on Record Store Day, which is Sat., April 17, and only in independent record stores. And the vinyl copy comes with a CD, too. Two birds, one stone, two weeks early.

AND ... big, capitol-lettered AND there ...

Josh Ritter will do an in-store at Record Exchange that very day according to the man himself on Facebook.

Yeah, we save the good news for last.

(P.S. Get an electronic copy of "Change of Time" from the new album if you just can't wait.)