Boise's Been Hacked!


If you got to work today to discover your company's Web site sporting a new look, you weren't alone. Several Boise business homepages were struck by a hacker at around 5:30 a.m. Claiming credit—at least on the modified pages—is the self proclaimed "Muslim and TunisiaN Attacker" Meher Assel.

Assel, according to a cursory Google search, is a 16-year-old Tunisian male, a pisces, and doesn't have many friends. Sites affected by the attack include those belonging to Bar Gernika, the Boise Canoe Club and A Novel Adventure. Here's what webbies saw this morning.

Hack Attack!
  • Hack Attack!

"Someone in the Asia/Pacific area, we don't know where, did a concerted attack. We found it around it around 7:30 this morning," said Michael Taylor, owner of Boise-based web design company Custom Net Concepts, LLC, which hosts several of the affected pages.

Whether the strike was a protest of some sort, or simply a cinema copy-cat prank remains undetermined. The mangled sites, Taylor tells us, were only hit on their frontpages, their main indexes unnaffected by the attack. The homepages should be back to proper form in a few hours.